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Corporate Overview


CPA was born out of the need for Ghana’s consumer to be represented. As our economy has become increasingly industrialized and products and services more diverse the national system of standards, checks, and balances is being tested. CPA is here to increase public awareness and enhance the appropriateness and effectiveness of this system, while facilitating enforcement.

Our goal is to solicit the aid of Ghana’s policymakers in the enforcement, management, and measurement of basic standards, In the long term we belive this will ensure that the rights of customers, individual and corporate alike, are respected in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

Ghana is now an active participant in the global market both as a producer and a purchaser. It is crucial that we match our standards, policies, and enforcement to existing international norms. If Ghana is to remain an equal participant in this market all standards-industrial, commercial, service, logistic- must be comparable to those of the developed countries.

What can we do for you?

• Provide a forum for Individuals, communities, and businesses to present concerns and an opportunity for mediation and resolution
• Consolidate issues to develop consensus around complaint and resolution processes
• Strengthen and support the development of industry standards and mechanisms for addressing abuses of consumer rights
• Enhance national, district, and municipal consumer protection policies and laws and facilitate enforcement processes

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